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What are computer viruses?

For many, the phrase “computer virus” brings immediate concern, what if my credit card info is stolen? What if my computer is damaged? And for a considerable amount of people, a very simple yet daunting question enters there mind. Does my computer have a virus? The answer to this question for many people, whether they know it or not, is yes. Now before you shut your computer screen for fear that a Russian hacker is watching you in your living room, realize that not all viruses are created equal. Just because you have a virus on your system does not necessarily mean that something as severe as data theft is occurring. It may be something as simple as a weird pop up at random times or a piece of software that you didn’t install. Regardless of the severity of the malware on your system no virus is a good virus. Even the least malicious viruses tend to severely affect computer performance and make your device frustratingly slow. In 2020 it is still amazingly easy to get a virus. All it takes is one accidental visit to a fake or shady website. To make matters worse, even if you know that you have a virus, it can be extremely difficult for the average user to remove. That is why we offer Virus Removal as one of our primary services. By correctly removing the viruses from your computer we will help keep your data safe as well as improve your computer’s performance.

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