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Computer Issues?

“How can I speed up my computer?” “Why is my computer so slow?” “Is there a convenient and affordable option for computer repair near me?” These are all common questions that run through people’s heads when their computer starts encountering problems. The good news, you have found the right place. We handle so many of these common computer problems for you at an affordable price! We know that computers can be complicating and overwhelming, especially when they aren’t behaving as they should. That is why we are offering in-person and remote services to put your mind at ease!

How it Works - Remote Support

We use TeamViewer, a computer application that allows us to control and work on your computer to fix the issues that you are struggling with. This software is trusted, widely used, and gives you the ability to watch what we are doing on your computer as well as disconnect at any time to keep your mind at ease! We offer several remote services such as virus removal and speeding up your computer. Pricing for remote services are fixed, in person services are available once getting a quote. Click below for more details.